The More the Merrier
Curatorial project
Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei
The More The Merrier, organized by Hong-Kai Wang (Taiwan) and Jens Maier-Rothe (Germany), is a process-driven experiment that turns Project Fulfill Art Space into a sound recording studio. For the duration of four weeks, the gallery will be transformed into a site of collective reflection, reception and production. We want you to get involved in this experiment by joining us for the opening night, our workshop sessions, the symposium, or any of the other upcoming activities. During all events we will use the recording studio as a site to publicly share and discuss our different perspectives on the current status of activist struggle and discursive art practice in Taiwan's contemporary cultural landscape.

Artist Larry Shao, Kenny and Vivian recording Taiwanese Bachata

Artist Yun Han Chang at the workshop 'Two Is Alright' hosted by artist ChiaEn Jao

Artist Yao ChungHan at the workshop 'Noise and the Other' hosted by artist Fujui Wang