Oath of Love
Augmented Spatiality, Vavstölen, Hökarängen, Stockholm
Performers: Konsensus Kören, The Great Learning Orchestra
Sited in the suburb Hökarängen of Stockholm city, the project Oath of Love investigates the question of ‘harmony and relation’ through collaborating with Hökarängen-based 'Konsensus Kören' (Consensus Choir) and the Stockholm-based experimental music ensemble ‘The Great Learning Orchestra’. These two groups are invited to perform and to interpret an English text composition entitled “The definition of good manners is to ask three questions to every one answer” written for this performance by the Australian composer Chris Mann in a dialogic fashion. Together, they will work to organize and reconfigure the set of questions proposed by Mann’s text in efforts of generating a conversation.

The German composer Herbert Brün once put it, “If a country music group invented atonal aperiodic country, it would change the meaning of country, and would be a sign of change in the country and would be a change towards creating an atonal aperiodic country, and we could begin to imagine there were no country.”

Oath of Love seeks to explore the meaning of ‘local’ and to interrogate the visible/invisible border that defines it.

• Chris Mann (b. 1949) is an Australian composer, poet and performer specializing in the emerging field of ‘compositional linguistics’, described by Mann as "the mechanism whereby you understand what I'm thinking better than I do." He is currently based in New York City. www.theuse.info